'63 South Rebrand & Redesign

I can truly say the '63 South makeover was a passion project for me. Having graduated from UCF, I appreciated the rich history that this relatively young University holds. The dining hall had been given some substantial upgrades in 2011 so the space itself was extremely nice, however I felt that it could use an injection of school spirit! Using imagery depicting both the university’s past & present, adding the school’s gold color, and upgrading both ends of the area with soft seating (and a 135" screen!) provided a modern space that stands up to the UCF Knight tradition of excellence.

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Project Manager
UCF Dining (University of Central Florida located in Orlando, FL)
Restaurant Makeover

I can truly say the '63 South makeover was a passion project for me.

The first of two “hangout” areas that included the addition of a tv, custom soft-seating and a 3D feature wall.

It was important to add true value not only aesthetically, but also symbolically. What better way to do so than incorporating the university’s creed! The beautiful thing about this wall is that it creates an opportunity for a dynamic viewing experience. It looks different from 50 feet, 5 feet and 5 inches.

As an initiative for a healthier population, it was important that we added a section that highlighted the fact that students are given ample choices to make healthy dining decisions. The pop of green, ‘moving’ wall figures and “Live Healthy Live Happy” slogan truly made this a memorable section.

Being a sports nut, this room might be my absolute favorite! What better says “college” than a 135" screen with an HD projector?! This room also features a 3D wall backdrop and a geometrical accent wall that adds a little more personality.

Just a nice shot that sets up the view our guests receive when they first walk in. Prior to the remodel, there wasn’t really a wow factor. With the changes in place, it’s hard to stave off the anticipation and excitement of taking your first steps into this new space. To help tie in the school spirit theme, we affixed a poster that has the UCF Fight Song written for all to see.

This was probably my Director of Operation’s favorite piece of the whole makeover. Prior to this concierge desk existed a (no joke) 3' by 2' by 3' desk that pretty much got lost in the traffic. By adding this 100% custom, full-sized desk our guests get a lasting impression that is truly warm and welcoming.

I call this the “Past, Present, Future” wall. The past is represented by the image in the middle that captured UCF’s founding President, Dr. Charles Millican, breaking ground on the site. The present is represented on the right with former quarterback Blake Bortles leading the Knights to victory in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl. Some call that game the “biggest upset in bowl history”, I just call it being a Knight! Lastly, the future photo on the far left depicts a statue of a knight posed on horseback in front of the UCF Alumni Center.

This shot shows the what kind of eye-catching graphics we implemented to give a restaurant that is housed in a larger building a little bit of extra pop for those passing by.