Facebook “Vote” Campaign

During one of our Aramark Regional Graphic Design Conference Calls, a marketing initiative to boost Facebook interaction was brought up. I jumped at the opportunity to design for this and hit the drawing board.

Alas, inspiration struck! In 2012, it was pretty hard not to hear the constant news and buzz surrounding the upcoming election. My next logical thought was, “why not ride the wave!?”

After some tinkering, brainstorming and brand approval, I presented my idea to the powers that be and they gave me the green light! What you see here is just one of many locations that we got involved with our “Vote Campaign”, but I ultimately made templates for all of the other Aramark Higher Education accounts to utilize. Collateral included social media graphics, onsite advertisement posters, handout cards, and stanchion signage.

Aramark Regional, UCF Dining

Facebook Page Cover Image


Handout Card

Visual Poll

Location Stanchion QR Code